I really need to stop forgetting to update this blog. I suck.

I guess I always keep waiting for something über-important to say, but I suppose I'll just write whatever, whenever instead so this blog actually stays afloat!
Today I heard that the iPhone 3GS will be available at  Hi3G(Tre), which is my current provider! iPhone here I come! Wii! 

A "Horses brother" was shot in Helsingborg today (a Moose), I've always wondered why they Shot the darn animal?! Why just they don't tranquilize it instead? Is it harder to hit with a little dart than with a bullet?! Me no gets it!! Somebody have a clue? I'd like to know!

Anyways, I'm off to consume a shitload of Läkerol and Coke in a desperate attempt to ease the unknown pain in my throat! Blaaarg!