Emo's are ruining our youth

If there is something I cannot stand then it is all these frikkin' Emo teens that won't stop being Emo!
Seriously, to be depressed on purpose is just lame. There's people out there with Real issues and hardship and these teens way of life is just a big insult to these people.
Making up problems, always turning any situation to a negative experiance and constantly talking in a negative manner about Anything is just frikking IQ Fishstick (swedish expression).
Because negativity feeds pessimism and hate, and nothing else!

"Oh I am so indie and outside of the society looking in, I listen to Green Day and several bands you've never heard of. I am sooo much more intelligent than you shallow assholes" Oh really? Is that so?

The real depressing thing about this is that it seems like the tendency to be Emo is not shrinking but growing.
Fuck it! While you guys cut yourselves, I'll build me a good life and love my near & dear, so when you ultimately take your own life in a ritualistic mass-suicide in an old abandoned warehouse down by the docks, just because it's "cool" and "alternative" to do so; I'll be enjoying life to the fullest extent possible. Dealing with any obstacle that comes along in a effective and developing way.

I will not shut anybody who wants to get out of his/her Emo lifestyle out. If you are serious and want to change, then I can be there for you! But if not, then don't fucking judge me if I'm nowhere to be found. Because you may want to hate everything around you and yourself, but don't force your negativity on everybody else.

Honestly people, isn't life hard enough already? Why put yourself down?
Life is challenging and it's supposed to suck sometimes! Face it!
Don't go Emo and shoot a bunch of poor classmates because you feel hated by the world.

The hate usually comes from the mirror, and not your peers.



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