Stardust or just plain dust; making all the differance...

While some are stardust to someone, there are those who stay plain dust to that same person. How to become stardust, one might ask himself. Well I certainly have no answer! Truth be told, I have given up on ever becoming stardust, its just not worth it anymore.

Its a good movie by the way; Stardust. Loaded with the kind of romance that doesn't really exist! And with lessons to learn about life that aren't applicable in real life. Quite sweet acctually, but I guess thats what fairytales are for isn't it? Showing us a world that have never been and never will be, leaving us longing for it even more.

I bid you farewell now,.. time to go back being plain dust.


Postat av: Anonym

Sorgligt att du känner så, ibland är till och med mitt liv en underbar saga fylld med romantik trots att jag knappt vet vad det är. Du kanske bara inte har förmågan att som i en saga enbart lysa upp det possitiva och göra det lite extra possitivt

2008-01-19 @ 14:10:24
Postat av: Michel

Det är inte jag som inte har förmågan, alla omkring mig som däremot inte har den.

2008-01-19 @ 16:36:09

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