Common thoughts unraveled

To have your dreams entangled in a disorganized web of thoughts, wishes, must's, should's and internal limitations is not always as cracked up as it may seem to be.

There's the theological issues that from time to time show's their face and confuse you somewhat. Then we have the pure egocentric issues that overcome you with narcissism, we all have it from time to time and in small doses it might even help you reach goals and thought-to-be impossible places. Then we have doubt. Doubt of yourself, your environment (which I am gonna come back to later by the way), your choices and your actions. And when you think to yourself that it cannot get anymore complicated than right now suddenly a new issue hits; passion!
Passion is a evil bastard, but yet often the most rewarding of all issues. You become something you've not encountered many times before and it can be quite awesome, if its reciprocated that is. If its not, then passion quickly fades away and is replaced by vulnerability and there can even be some frustration and anger mixed in.

One thing is for sure though, the man I saw on the bus today saved the cheerleader so to speak. For me anyways.

And now something completely different; Did you know that today is Blog Action Day. Today you should blog about the environment. So here goes;

The Environment needs some help. Big time. So from now on we're gonna help it, okay? No more mindless wasting of energy, think when you use your computers, appliances, cars and so forth! Going to Stockholm ? Maybe Göteborg or Oslo? Take the train instead of flying. If you're gonna buy a car, think about if you Really need it.
If you're gonna be a farmer, concider not having cows. There's a lot we can do, but mostly let people help, don't assume the environmentally aware society is a trend.

Even though our generation may not be able to save the world, we can imprint upon our children an environmentally aware lifestyle and somewhere down the road maybe we don't have to develop gills to survive.

Last tip of the day before I remove myself from existance until next time; Love. Just love.

Postat av: ellinor

says the guy who had a perfectly fine computer yet decided he needed a new one ;)
just kidding. kinda. yay for imprintning though!

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